Hi, I’m Ann!

Thank you for dropping in!  This site is a meeting place for my three passions - travel, history, and photography. 

I've travelled all my life, growing up in the military in the US and then as an adult, throughout Europe. Now we're living in Okinawa, Japan and exploring Asia, a part of the world I never expected to see. I am the planner, researcher and organizer for all our travels and I hope our itineraries help other families get out and see the world.   

My husband and I have two sweet boy-muses, 7 & 12, who first inspired me to "learn photography" seven years ago and have suffered through my inspirations ever since. My best dog-friend, Jack, was another muse - you'll see him in my personal work - I still miss him something fierce. After running my own professional photography business for several years, I'm stepping back now to reclaim the joy and artistry of image-making and hopefully pursue another passion - teaching manual photography.

My love of history drives my wanderlust and fuels my artistry.  Being acutely aware of the past as a place you can never return to makes me a more mindful photographer. My work is mostly documentary in nature; I pursue the nontraditional, unexpected, and soul-inspiring. My absolute favourite images possess movement and light and are natural, raw and vulnerable, maybe a touch minimalist. 

My purpose is to create an image that evokes emotion. To find transcendence where it's least expected. To create art that lives. 

I hope this blog inspires you to honour the passage of time by fully living the present, whether through loving your loved ones or exploring the world. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on IG or FB!